Unisex Cashmere Collection


Cashmere is a natural fibre that comes from cashmere goats that live on the plains of Inner Mongolia.

  • Cashmere yarn has a crimpy, fine down-like appearance
  • The best hairs can be found on the underbelly of the goat
  • Natural yarn is grey, brown and white and is easy to dye
  • Cashmere yarn fibres are very fine with a diameter less than 19 microns (human hair is on average 50-75 microns)
  • The best quality cashmere fibres are very long and fine giving the softest feel and will be resistant to pilling (a natural balling of the fibres on the surface of the jumper)
  • Cashmere is very soft to the touch
  • The yarn becomes softer with age (it should not pill after a few wears)


Cashmere Goats


  • Our cashmere goats come from our very own farms in Inner Mongolia.
  • They have thick hair and a downy undercoat to help protect them from extreme cold mountainous conditions.
  • They live in herds and are social animals.
  • They graze year round in nature and produce a fine downy undercoat that we harvest to produce our yarns.
  • We hand brush our goats to ensure that we get the finest belly hairs in the kindest possible way.