Les 100 Ciels is a design-led brand with luxurious cashmere at the heart of every collection, offering wardrobe staples that combine style with substance. First launched as a womenswear brand, Les 100 Ciels expanded to offer a core of timeless silhouettes for men, with contemporary details to create a modern and transitional range. 

All elements of our craft are handled in-house; from the raw yarns sourced at our goat farm in Inner Mongolia, to our creative design and production in our own factory - to guarantee high quality and craftsmanship. We hope you enjoy wearing our clothing as much as we enjoy designing and creating it. Here is our story so far…


Yarn & Fabric Of Cashmere


We specialise in cashmere, which comes from our own goat farms where we hand brush our goats in the Spring to spin into cashmere yarn for our collections. We care about our goats and we make sure they are healthy and well taken care of. We only use the longest and finest fibres for our cashmere collection to offer the highest grade of yarn.

Aside from cashmere, we use other natural fibres such as wool, cotton, silk and linen in our collections. We also develop new yarns and fabrics including synthetic blends to make strides in creating regenerated or recycled qualities for our clothing.


Designing Of Cashmere Products


We have a passionate design team who know cashmere and understand how to take this beautiful yarn and turn it into a stunning finished garment, accentuating all the best features of cashmere. The designs are comfortable, sometimes bold, but always essential, timeless and easy to complement an existing wardrobe. We are committed to creating styles that fit into your life and never the other way around. 


Manufacturing Process Of Cashmere Products


We create our products in our own factory. There are no middlemen and  through this model, we can really own our manufacturing process and take care of all the details in crafting the finished product. It is important to us to be involved in this way to truly guarantee quality, and craftsmanship. 

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